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This Could Change Everything For You!

Disclaimer: This is not a guarantee of income. Building a business takes hard work, dedication and focus. No results can be guaranteed as there are internal & external factors that make a difference for each individual.

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OK, it's truth time! I was in a place I didn't want to be when I learned about Activation in 2016.


I wasn't feeling super confident in my health (I was actually kinda nervous to end up like my parents- on tons of meds) AND I was running my current traditional business thinking "is this really what life is gonna look like for the next 20 years?" UGH. I felt a nudge, I had no idea what I how to do something like this, but I care about people, if I was feeling like this in my health and life--I'm pretty sure others were too!

I made sure what I learned was accurate, I made sure the science was there, I trusted the people who shared with me and they promised they would help show me the ropes! We dove in. 

Within 3 months I knew I wanted to be sharing about this and earning income like this for the rest of my life. These products were changing peoples lives that I love, right in front of my eyes. It was changing my outlook on life, I felt purpose and passion. I thought I would be happy making around $500 a month sharing here and there, but I didn't make less than $1000/mo EVER. That intrigued me, I was sharing as I grew my other business. 

After 11 months we decided to sell my other business so I could give more hours here, where I was filling fullfilled and truly helping others. After 2 years, I was making more income, earning free vacations for my family and even earned a JEEP in 2019! The best part of it all, was I was truly helping people!


With my background in growing businesses, it turns out I am pretty good at mentoring others on how to grow one too! I wanted to simplify the process, so I developed a start to finish system to help the beginner, learn from this video series, start their business and then have a 30 day launch system that teaches them all the basics step by step- Day by Day - we call it the Success System (its totally free to you)! You will turn around and utilize these exact tools that educated you to help educate others!!

Then if you want to Automate the process even further - I've got a course for you, How to Create and Automate your Online Business! Of Course, I am here to help you every single step of the way - online a video chat or phone call/text away! 

I love helping other moms FEEL their BEST and Empower them to grow their own automated online business! It can truly be life changing. 

Even though I owned a successful business, we were ALWAYS stressed about money and time! I've said Goodbye to those days and am Grateful for a business and income that continues to run without me. For me to not feel guilty to take time away, so that I can focus on my family! Every mom who desires can and should experience this!

Frequently asked Questions:

Cost of Business

How much is it for me to start my business?

It can be as little as $50, however, I HIGHLY recommend to start with start with one of the pre-determined Business Packs, you get more for your $$, you get product to start your activation journey AND you will be fully eligible to earn commissions as early as day 1! Click this link to check out the business packs currently available and select the one that best suits you. If you have any questions, please contact me!

What is the ongoing cost to run my business?

There is an annual fee of $50, that you will pay every year on your anniversary date. This gets you your website and EVERYTHING you need to sell products and grow a team. There is no purchase requirement, but of course you will want to take products each month - but that is entirely up to you!

Are there any "hidden fees"?

The only thing I HAVE to spend money on is, my cell phone & internet. Which you probably already pay for, now it can be a business tax write off!!! Thats a win! I choose to spend extra on going to company conventions so I can grow my skills and help my team grow theirs (I would encourage you to join me). If you choose to go all in online and develop automation for your business, there is a bit of expense, but I have found it to be VERY worth it! (all of this is down the road a bit) But I will always be overly honest!

Compensation & Business Strategy

How much do I get paid?

You will earn anywhere between 10%-40% on your personal customers sales. If you choose to mentor other consultants, you can also earn commissions by helping them grow their business. The potential is unlimited.​ Click here to see more details. 

How do I get paid?

You will get paid weekly and monthly as long as you have people purchasing products. It goes into a digital account on Fridays and you can transfer it direct to a checking account. 

Shauna, how much do you make?

We have been making over $10K/mo each month for over 4 years. Currently in 2023 on average it is around $15K/mo for our LV business. I can show you how to do this too!


Where can I validate the science behind the breakthrough?​

We encourage you to visit or click this link to research.

Where can I get more familiar with all the products?

You can visit the My LifeVantage Website for ALL details. Or you can watch the 10 min explore the products video here:

Where can I view the full ABC primetime report about Protandim NRF2?

Click here to see the ABC primteime report: ABC PRIMETIME 

What are healthcare professionals saying about these products?

Click here to see a video of several doctors explaining why they are excited to share:          


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